Kodak Picture Scanning System

The Kodak Picture Scanning System is a professional quality high speed scanner and flatbed scanner for delicate photos. For those who ever tried to scan a box of photos on a flatbed scanner, the up-to-85-pictures-per-minute speed will delight you. The Kodak Picture Saver Scanning System Software features an easy-to use, icon-based interface.  Our Center Consultants are also available to assist you.

  • Scanned images can look better than originals
  • Get richer details and more vibrant colors from Kodak Perfect Touch Technology
  • Old, fragile prints and documents are handled with extra care
  • Streaks are virtually eliminated
  • Save your outputs as JPEG files or TIFF to media such as CDs, DVDs and flash drives
  • Great solutions for photos in albums as well as delicate originals

If photos have been in an album for a long time, they may be glued in or covered with plastic protectors. With the Kodak Photo Selector Accessory, multiple photos on each album page can be scanned on a Kodak Flatbed Accessory, and then saved as individual image files. So there’s no risk of harm to them and album pages remain intact.

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